Class Information

Classes run in 8 week blocks. The classes always start on the first weekday of the Semester’s first month. Semesters run:

Want to try out a class for a day? You can drop into any Beginner class for $25.00 +HST provided there is still a spot available. Even if a class is sold out, there may be a cancellation or opening eventually. Contact us to check availability.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for our refund policy.

Can I do Circus?

Class Types

Class Pricing

Class Name Levels Number of Classes Normal Cost Early Bird Special Pricing (Available until 2 weeks before class)
Youth/Adult Aerial Silks All 8 Classes $216.00 +HST

176.00 +HST

Youth/Adult Acro Yoga All 8 Classes $176.00 +HST

154.00 +HST

Youth/Adult All-Around Circus Single 8 Classes $216.00 +HST

176.00 +HST

Adult Lyra & Trapeze All 8 Classes $216.00 +HST

176.00 +HST

Class Schedule

**If you are enrolling your child for a course, please create an account under their name. When you come for your first class, we will create a parent account for you and link you together.

Have multiple kids? No problem! Just create an account for each one with your email address as the username, then choose a password unique to each child. This way you never forget your login. Even create one for yourself under that same email!