Silks Class

Aerial Silks (or Aerial fabrics/tissue) are one of the most well-recognized Circus apparatus in the world. Each class uses large Tricot Nylon fabrics suspended from the ceiling in two strips to allow students to wrap, climb, lock, and drop in elegant and artistic movements. Here at WCS, we’ve developed a curriculum accessible to raw beginners with minimal fitness backgrounds which enables our students to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness. These eight-week courses bring students through a series of movements that build on each other for future combination flows. We focus on fundamentals initially and move on to new technical skills and tricks. As students gain proficiency in Silks, they are allowed to advance through the Intermediate and Advanced classes with instructor approval.

Silks classes will snap you into amazing shape! Whether your ambition is to get fit or begin the journey of becoming a renown aerialist, these classes are where to start. For an hour and a half, the instructors will guide you through a series of different steps and techniques, paying individual attention to each student’s needs. The class focuses on individual student goals and fitness requirements, allowing them to progress at their own pace and excel in the skills demonstrated. We also host periodic Showcase events where new and advanced students alike can apply what they’ve learned into performances for their fellow students, friends, and family.

Learn beautiful positions and unique transitions while building strength and dexterity. Silks turns a workout into an expressive artform. Let your creativity flow!

Tall ceilings allow you to take your experience to new heights! Our silks are rigged in a mixture of Straight Silks and Hammock to accommodate our unique instruction style. Now you have the freedom to choose your style of flow.

Small class sizes allow instructors to personally work with every student throughout the class. This hands-on approach fosters fast learning and safe exploration.


**If you are enrolling your child for a course, please create an account under their name. When you come for your first class, we will create a parent account for you and link you together.

Have multiple kids? No problem! Just create an account for each one with your email address as the username, then choose a password unique to each child. This way you never forget your login. Even create one for yourself under that same email!