**If you are enrolling your child for a course, please create an account under their name. When you come for your first class, we will create a parent account for you and link you together.

Have multiple kids? No problem! Just create an account for each one with your email address as the username, then choose a password unique to each child. This way you never forget your login. Even create one for yourself under that same email!


Are you looking to Drop-In to the first class of a new session? This isn’t the page for you. Please visit Classes, click Add to Cart on a class and then select Drop-In while checking out to automatically register for the first class as a Drop-In. These are just for people who have been told to Drop-In in the middle of a semester.

Class Continuation

Please select the class you would like to Continue in and select the appropriate amount of days left in the semester. Semesters always start on the first week day of the Semester’s first month and run for 8 weeks. You must have permission from a staff member to register for a Class Continuation. Please email us if you are unsure.