Frequently Asked Questions

Just Starting Out

It’s my first class, what should I do?

To prep the day of:

Eat something, but make it light. Drink plenty of water.

Look at the Parking Map

Read through the rest of this FAQ

Try to be at the school a few minutes before your scheduled class time. This is a great time to stretch before the warm-up and meet other students. There are cubbies just inside the gym for all your things and we have two restrooms with changing rooms and showers. Towels are provided for your use. Please just toss them into the laundry hamper in the changing room when you are finished with them. The instructors are there to help you and ensure you fit right in. It’s a very relaxed stress free environment, but we take the Rules very seriously to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

What do I wear?

Coverage is key! Long tights and a shirt that allows armpits to be covered. No belts or dangling jewelry. Tight sportswear is best. Most all activities including Aerials and Acro are done in bare feet or socks. We always ask that you remove all jewelry before class. So leave the hoop earrings at home!

Silks, Lyra, and Trapeze: As you’ll be spending a lot of time upside down, we recommend wearing comfortable but fitted clothing.
Avoid scrapes to the skin with leggings or running tights (these should cover the back of your knees and ideally be full length for Silks). You can wear joggers too or better yet, layer up with both. Shorts over leggings are a good option too (cotton leggings are fine but they tend to be pretty see-though if you get what we are saying…) Pair these with a top (or leotard) that wont ride up when going upside down and some long sleeves (you can bring a hoodie if your preference is for a short sleeved tee).

Acro: Comfortable, fitted clothing is best. Many bases prefer leggings or shorts for grip on the upper thighs. Flyers should have fitted clothing that will not catch or snag when moving.

Do I need to sign a waiver before participating?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver for yourself, and/or your child if they are going to be participating in any way. The rule of thumb is when you walk through the doors, you need a signed waiver on file. Waivers can be filled out online at

General Class

How long do classes run?

Classes run for 8 weeks typically. Normal classes will last 90 minutes and happen each week on a specific day. That day will be shown when you checkout. Classes always run on the same day of the week at the same time of day. If there is a holiday or another reason we must skip a class, arrangements will be made with the instructor prior to that day.

Classes will always start at the beginning of the month on the first day of the week the class runs on. So if classes start on Thursdays, classes would run the first Thursday of the month, continuing for 8 weeks and would likely stop before the last week of the second month, depending on how the days fall on the calendar. Counting each Thursday, in this example

Is there a weight limit

Yes, 225lbs if taking an aerial class

While our classes that use ground movements only do not have a weight limit, the aerial apparatus do have a weight limit of 225lbs. This is to account for the dynamic weight that an accelerating body in motion generates–such as in a few of our aerial drops and maneuvers. We take the maximum force that can be generated by dropping from the top of our apparatus and adding a safety factor of 10 to arrive at this number.

What is the minimum age to participate in Adult classes?

The minimum age is 14.

In order to accommodate students who are well versed in an athletic environment,such as gymnastics, sports, martial arts, dance, etc. we have set the minimum age for the adult classes to 14. We encourage parents and guardians with children around this age to decide which class, youth or adult, their child would most likely succeed in. Often times, students are more comfortable and perform better in our youth classes as they offer a more relaxed approach to instruction. While final decisions are always left up to the instruction and management team at WCS, we enjoy the benefit of open communication with parents and guardians in choosing the best environment for their student’s education.

What is the minimum age to participate in Youth classes?

The minimum age is 6 years old.

We have set the age limit of 6 to accommodate students who have been training in an athletic skill for a long while and have demonstrated that they can safely handle themselves in an athletic capacity. While the minimum age is 6, we do encourage parents to make sure students are able to safely handle movements, instruction, and inversions. It is for this reason that we suggest students even be in their older 6’s and 7’s to ensure they are able to fully comprehend the safety instructions. It is for this reason that we cannot accept students who are under that age limit under any circumstance, and strive to work with parents at evaluating students who are at the threshold level to ensure they are ready to move into our programs. Our highest priority always remains the safety and security of our students.

Can I just turn up for a class or do I have to book?

Booking online in advance of your class is the only way to secure your place in that class. We do accept drop-ins to all of our classes, but if you don’t book online then you run the risk of the class being full or cancelled because it’s empty.

Because of the high demand for our classes, we unfortunately can’t accept reservations without payment.

Do I have to be fit?

We’ll let you in on a secret here… circus training is a fantastic way to GET FIT! There are no pre-requisites to joining any of our beginners classes and you don’t need to do a pull up to get on a trapeze. Of course having a bit of fitness and flexibility helps, but that’s what you come to classes to develop!

Am I too old?

No! We have students aged between 4 and 75 years old so as long as you are ready to give our classes your best shot then we’ll welcome you with open arms. At Windsor Circus School, our philosophy is ‘Circus Training for Everyone’. So why not come along and see for yourself that you’ll be training in a supportive environment.