Acro Yoga Beginner – 8 Classes

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8 Week Class
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Acro Yoga Beginner is partnered acrobatics focusing on stability and balance. Our professional instructors guide you through a comprehensive and challenging set of classes that adapt to your skill level. Classes are structured to both introduce new-comers to the art and enhance existing skills by focusing on each individual student’s needs.

No experience required, and no partner needed!

Acro classes will whip you into amazing shape! Whether your ambition is to get fit, or begin the journey of becoming a renown Acro practitioner, this class is where to start. For an hour and a half, our certified instructors will guide you through different progressions and blend previous lessons with new maneuvers. These classes truly focus on the individual student’s goals and fitness requirements, allowing them to progress at their own pace and excel in the skills demonstrated.

Classes are taught by CERTIFIED Acro Yoga instructors creating a safe, fun and challenging environment

Beginning classes will focus on Standing movements, L-Basing flows, Partner balance exercises, and the progressions required for Acro Yoga Intermediate. Students will have the freedom to Base or Fly. We encourage everyone to try the different roles to create a better partnership between the two.

Areas of Focus

  • Flexability
  • Core Strength
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Body Awareness
  • Balance