Safe Play Rules

Dress Code
  • 1. Cover knees and armpits. Appropriate clothing includes t-shirts and leggings, should be fitted, ie. no baggy shirts or pants.
  • 2. No Zippers or Buttons (these can tear the equipment.)
  • 3. Remove all jewelry, if a piercing cannot be removed it must be taped appropriately during the class.

  • 1. If you are sick please call and let us know. Arrangements can be made for a makeup class.
  • 2. Please present any injuries to the instructor at the beginning of class, if you hurt something during class please present if to the instructor at that time.
  • 3. Students are not to use equipment outside of class times except during open gym times.
  • 4. Students are not to teach moves to other students except during open gym times.

  • Photographs and videos are not to be taken during class times. If there is a move that you would like a video or photograph of please let the instructor know at the end of class.